Hi, I’m Jonelle.  Thanks for stopping by my blog!  I am new to this, so please bear with me thru all of the amateur pics and such 😉 I am 29 and a total goofball (hence the pic :D).  I love hockey, football, riding horses, and of course COOKING!

I have been married to my love, Wesley, for two years now.  We moved to Chicago (suburbs), IL last year and it has been quite an adjustment for me.  We have one awesome dog named Ziti (I even named my pet after food…) and she is my little buddy.  I am pretty much obsessed with her…lol

I recently realized (after many articles, books, documentaries, personal stories..etc later) that what I was eating for 29 years was harmful to my body.  What I thought was “healthy” for so many years, was definitely NOT.  It has been scary to learn what is in our food and how badly it can tax our bodies.  Even more disturbing is how many animals are being treated inhumanely and tortured just for our unnecessary benefits.  Instead of just turning my cheek to it (as many do), I decided to face it and make a huge change in my life. I decided to become a vegan!

I love food….no really…LOOOVVEE food and even more so LOOOVVEE to cook.  So, after knowing the change I had to make to be healthier inside and out, I was a bit scared that I would have to give a lot up.   It was definitely not so.  It was the other way around actually.  It is just a whole new way of cooking, which I saw as a challenge and it has been a LOT of fun!

My dad, mom, and grandma were great cooks and I fortunately have some recipes from them and also have some stored in my noggin.’  I have been having so much fun putting a spin on their recipes and “veganizing” them.  I have been pleasantly surprised at how well the have all come out so far! You will see posts of their “veganized” recipes on here as well 🙂

My husband has been so supportive through this and has actually gave up meat! I am so proud of him and thank him for his continuous support 🙂  My best friend, Angie, is also Vegan and has also made this journey so easy for me.  It is so fun sharing recipes with her!  So ya, I have an awesome support system..I’m one lucky gal 😉

I will probably add more to this later, but just wanted to give a little background on why I decided to start this blog.

Thanks again for reading!  Magiamó!

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Lil Girl,
    Loved reading your blog. Looking forward to seeing its progress. I will share this with my friends on Facebook. I have many friends who are vegan or have changed their eating habits due to gluten allergies. I personally do not eat ANY kind of shell fish or any pork or pork products. Will be fun to watch your growth. Love and hugs to you and Wes.

  2. Hi Jonelle, Very nice website, I think I may like to try some of your recipes, those cookies sure look good, I’ll let you know if I do. Your MIL’s friend June 😉

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