Beefless Burgers


Dinner tonight…well actually a couple times this week, Beefless Burgers!!  I can’t get enough of these patties.  Gardein makes the BEST vegan patties.  So flavorful!  I bring veggies and a pattie for lunch almost every day.   I have to stock up on these things because Target runs out of them so fast and they don’t restock for like a month.  No bueno.

Wes, my hubby, loved his burgers.  And now that he doesn’t eat meat anymore (yeeesss! Still so excited about that), I make him these.  He REALLY loves them!  I make a thousand island dressing (Veganaise+ketchup+relish) to put on them and he says it tastes like In-N-Out lol!  Not too sure about that, but hey, whatever makes him happy 🙂

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