Vega One!

I am so excited to have found a yummy vegan nutritional shake, Vegan One!
15 grams of protein! Yep! Not to mention it has 50% of your daily vitamin intake. And the best part, it tastes so good! My favorite is definitely the Vanilla Chai! I mix with about 2 cups of almond milk.
Ok, I’ll calm down now…but seriously…so good.
Hope everyone had a great week! Happy Friday eve 😉


5 thoughts on “Vega One!

  1. I love this and use it several times a week. My favorite with Vanilla Chai too. I blend it with half a banana and almond-coconut milk. I recently discovered that I also like Chocolate VegaOne with 1 tbsp almond butter, almond coconut milk and 1 banana… so yummy!

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