VegTastic Lasagna

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Lasagna…Lasagna…Lasagna! Oh, how I have missed you!  I haven’t had Lasagna since I decided to become vegan.  So, this was long over due! I love making my dad’s spagetti sauce, especially during the holidays.  Brings back great memories.  As you … Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Thanksgiving weekend is winding down and I finally have time (after working so much) to blog about Turkey  Tofurkey Day! Mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, chocolate banana cream pie…oh my! We went over to Wes’ cousins house Thursday for … Continue reading

Beefless Burgers


Dinner tonight…well actually a couple times this week, Beefless Burgers!!  I can’t get enough of these patties.  Gardein makes the BEST vegan patties.  So flavorful!  I bring veggies and a pattie for lunch almost every day.   I have to stock up on these things because Target runs out of them so fast and they don’t restock for like a month.  No bueno.

Wes, my hubby, loved his burgers.  And now that he doesn’t eat meat anymore (yeeesss! Still so excited about that), I make him these.  He REALLY loves them!  I make a thousand island dressing (Veganaise+ketchup+relish) to put on them and he says it tastes like In-N-Out lol!  Not too sure about that, but hey, whatever makes him happy 🙂